Pet Transport

Clean, Comfortable Pet Travel

We provide clean, comfortable bedding, fresh drinking water, good quality food (Taste of the Wild Dry) for all your pets.
We make regular stops at safe and quiet locations to walk dogs.  Slip leads are used at all time,but if you prefer, you may attach a dog harness for your pet to wear during the journey.

About Us

Animals (cats and dogs) have always been very much part of our lives.  In fact there is a photo of me at one year old sitting on a wall with my legs dangling and a little kitten sitting next to me. Her name was Scatty and started my love of animals, big and small.

My grandmother also taught me a lot about animals, she could catch fish in the river with her hands, taught a rabbit to use a cat litter tray and had a cat she used to move away from the fire all the time because it laid so close its fur kept scorching.

My husband gained the nickname of “Tick” when he wandered into dog kennels in Kenya at the age of six months and got covered in them – ticks I mean.

Having animals of our own (most of which are rescues themselves) we understand that your pet is your “baby”, our pets are our “babies” and as such should be treated to the best care possible.